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Beautiful, versatile and colorful leggings for Yoga, Fitness, and Casual Wear. 

All items are made and shipped to order depending on where you are, from the USA or Europe. Created through the use of top notch fabrics and production processes, you will find that your Flow Vibe Wear products will stretch and bend perfectly with you. You will love wearing your comfortable and beautiful apparel for:

  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Pilates
  • Casual Wear

Flow Vibe Wear sets out to encourage ourself and others to step into their power - which is why you will often see the Mantra:

Step into Your Flow

We are all perfect as we are - we just need to realise it and believe it for ourselves. 


We all love a story, don’t we? So here’s a little about me.

I am a former multifaceted shy girl, that began to learn that it is okay to be as I am - embracing my quirks, strengths and vulnerabilities. My journey has also made me realize that I am not the only one! And so began my thrive to do the things that push me forward and accentuate a joyful and happy life.

I’m a co-parenting mom of two boys, who has been living in Europe for almost 20 years. 

I love gardening, cats, ponds, oceans, rugged life, pretty things, romance, and playing. As a Pisces/Libra I enjoy finding balance between opposing aspects of experience - it keeps my life fun. 

I’d love to hear your short story too - because I know we all have one!

Much Love,


Step into Your Flow & Have Fun Doing It